Talking Dirty to My Boyfriend - The How and Why

Want to stoke the flames of your relationship? Who doesn't? Relationships can get a little ho-hum if you're not careful. You do the mating dance and go. You know what I mean. The "touch me here, then I'll touch you there, then you move two inches to the left, I'll lean to the right." Everything becomes so choreographed, right down to the things you say to each other.

Choreography = Great for music videos; not so great for sex (unless you're a porn star, and that's a whole different blog post:)

Did you know that boredom is one major reason couples seek the excitement of an affair? I think that a lot of instances of infidelity could be prevented if more couples took the time to shake up those bed springs in slightly different way. I'm not talking about hanging from the ceiling fan or twisting your body until your left eyebrow touches your navel, although I say go for it if you can! I'm talking about spicy communication, aka. Dirty Talk! If you've never tried this, don't turn up your nose in disgust just yet. Even if you have tried this before, there are ways your "technique" can be greatly improved.

Did you know that talking dirty to your partner is one of the best ways to build intimacy, promoting a healthier relationship that can last?

The best book on dirty talking that I have ever read has to be The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. At first I thought this book would be pretty cut and dry, not teaching me anything new or innovative. Upon first glance, the book seems pretty one dimensional. As much as I hate to admit it, there was more to the book than just talking dirty. You can kind of think of the book as your own personal Dr. Ruth.

The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty starts off explaining the dynamics of talking dirty within the context of a relationship. It explains how, at first, talking dirty can be like getting comfortable in a foreign language. It also details how talking dirty to your man can go terribly wrong if you don't do it right. Yeah, that's correct. Regardless of what you may have seen in the porn movies, there is a right and wrong way to talk dirty to your man.

I enjoyed that this book is designed for the feminine mind. It's a super easy read and seems to contain tons more information than its 24 pages are capable of handling. I also liked...the freebies! I'm a sucker for bonuses, so getting four books for the price of one was right up my alley! Actually, the three extra bonuses provide half the fun (there's even an ebook on how to handle guys that...ahem..."finish up" sooner than you'd like them to). I also loved the section on how to boost your bedroom confidence. I know that this is a problem a lot of women, including myself, have to deal with. My bedroom confidence skyrockets when I'm able to send my man into a lust frenzy with one word.

While the book was good and actually useful, there were a few lumps in the dough. Maybe it's just me, but I actually blushed a few times before I even made it halfway through the book. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but hey. My biggest issue, though, is that there was no male input that I could see, unless it was coauthored and I just didn't realize it. I would have preferred if there was at least a small section with a male's thought within each chapter. Then again, maybe I'm just weird, because this book is flying off the shelves getting great reviews.

In summary, I think this book is great for couples who want to get a bit closer in a non-traditional way, and it's especially ideal for couples who want to shake up the old bedroom routine. Learn how to talk dirty to your man, and...well, go see for your self.